Hi I'm


and I like to design things .

Born with a pencil in my hand, illustration is at the core of my design philosophy. With a keen interest in both UX/UI, marketing and branding, my goal is to transcend language and communicate through design. No matter the weather, whether it’s a downpour or just a sprinkle of creativity, like an umbrella - I’ve got you covered.

I have a degree .

Dean's Scholar Bachelor of Creative Arts, Majoring in Graphic Design, Marketing Minor (with Distinction).

I have skills .

- Illustrator
- PhotoShop
- InDesign
- XD
- Microsoft Office
- Webflow
- Prototyping
- Content Creation
- Marketing
- Brand Identity
- Print Design
- Having Fun
People Say I have my head in the Clouds .

But I am just making it rainnie with creativity . *

*puns are an optional extra .